Known interactions between the following drugs: Carbamazepine, Excedrin Extra Strength

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ACETAMINOPHEN in Excedrin Extra Strength may interact with CARBAMAZEPINE in Carbamazepine
Acetaminophen is broken down and removed from the body by the liver. If this happens too quickly, then potentially less of the drug would be available for the body to use and blood levels could become too low. This could either make acetaminophen less effective or delay its pain relieving and fever reducing effects. It could also increase the formation of byproducts from acetaminophen. Excessive levels of these byproducts can be harmful to the liver. Carbamazepine may cause acetaminophen to be broken down at a faster rate than normal. Based on information from several studies, the risk of experiencing liver damage is the greatest when a high dose of carbamazepine has been used, or when carbamazepine has been taken for a long period of time and an overdose of acetaminophen is consumed. However, this potential interaction does not appear to cause any harmful effects when the recommended doses of carbamazepine and acetaminophen are used. You may want to ask your healthcare provider about this potential interaction if you think you are having problems.

This interaction is poorly documented and is considered moderate in severity.

(Note: Not all drug interactions are known or reported in the literature, and new drug interactions are continually being reported. This information is provided only for your education and for you to discuss with your personal healthcare provider.)

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