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Cephalexin Suspension Cephalothin Sodium Injection
Cephradine Cephradine Suspension
Cephulac Ceptaz
Cerebyx Ceredase
Cerezyme Cerivastatin - Withdrawn From The Market
Cerubidine Cervidil
Cesia Ceta-Plus
Cetamide Cetane
Cetirizine Cetirizine and Pseudoephedrine
Cetirizine Chewable Tablets Cetirizine Syrup
Cetrorelix injection Cetrotide
Cetuximab Cevalin
CeviBid Cevimeline
Chaat Chamomile
Chaparral CharcoAid
Charcoal Charcoal capsules
Charcoal Plus Charcoal powder or oral suspension
CharcoCaps Chaste Tree
Chasteberry Cheracol Cough Syrup
Cheracol D Cough Liquid Chibroxin
Chickweed Chiggerex Topical
Children's Advil Children's Advil chewable
Children's Dimetapp Elixir Children's Formula Cough Syrup
Children's Kaopectate Children's Motrin
Children's Motrin chewable Chili Pepper
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